You surely know that India is currently a major producer of spices, or rather the largest producer in the world. Indian cuisine in Benalmadena has become more popular, due to its great diversity of cultures which has influenced this cuisine throughout its history, due to the colonization’s that the country had undergone over several centuries which has resulted in it being an exquisite and unique cuisine.

And the food is incredibly delicious!
There are currently more than 1,600 different spices in India. They include: cumin, mustard seed, nutmeg, curry, saffron, ginger, coriander and turmeric among others. These include spices that are mostly used for the cooking Indian dishes. The great use of the spices in these dishes leads one to believe that such spices are of the Chilly (hot) type. But do not be afraid, because today Indian restaurants know that there are many people who do not like dishes that contain a great deal of spices, and so they often describe the different levels of spiciness that certain dishes contain in the menu, or with the help of staff that will guide and advise the diner as to those dishes that do not contain it. It is you who decide whether you want the dish to be spicy or not, and also to what level of intensity of spice selected.

Indian culture is very interesting, and has beliefs different to ours. An example of this is that food is divided into three types according to the food system:


It is based on foods made of fresh vegetables and juices, and according to the Indian culture this food takes you to the highest states of consciousness.


It is based on spicy and oily foods. And it leads to activity and movement.


It is based on food made of meat and spiritual beliefs. And according to Hindu culture it carries negative feelings.

Indian cuisine in Benalmadena is characterized by being very healthy. This is due to the great use of vegetables, fruit and spices.

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